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Current affairs (17TH march)








  • The India-Finland Virtual Summit was held on March 16, 2021, with the participation of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and Prime Minister of the Republic of Finland Ms Sanna Marin.


  • The virtual summit was organised to discuss the entire gamut of bilateral issues as well as other regional and multilateral issues of mutual interest.


  • The two leaders reviewed the ongoing bilateral engagements and committed to further expand and diversify the relationship across sectors such as trade and investment, innovation, education, emerging technologies including Artificial Intelligence, 5G/6G, and quantum computing.


  • The two leaders also discussed the Covid-19 situation including their respective vaccination drives and emphasized the importance of global efforts for urgent and affordable access to vaccines across all nations.


  • The leaders exchanged views on regional and global issues, including the India-EU partnership, cooperation in the Arctic region, WTO and UN reforms. Both sides noted the potential for India and Finland to cooperate in undertaking developmental activities in Africa.




  • The Finnish telecom equipment maker, Nokia has announced on March 16 that it has partnered with Microsoft, Amazon web services and Google so as to develop a new cloud-based 5G radio solution.


  • This solution will be developed with its radio access network (RNA) technology. This partnership was gone with the objective of developing new business cases.


  • RAN is part of a mobile telecommunication system. This system implements radio access technology. RAN resides between a device like a computer, mobile phone or any remotely controlled machine. It also provides a connection with the core network.


  • Based on the standard mobile phones and other wireless connected devices are called user equipment, terminal equipment or mobile station etc. The functionality of RAN is typically provided by the silicon chip which resides in both the core network and the user equipment.


  • The single handset or phone can be connected to multiple radio access networks The Handsets which are capable of this feature are called dual-mode handsets.


  • For example, a handset can commonly support both GSM and UMTS or “3G” radio access technologies. Such devices also transfer the ongoing call across different radio access networks without any disruption to users.



  • El Salvador is the first country in Central America to be certified malaria-free by the World Health Organization.


  • WHO grants a certification of malaria elimination when a country proves “beyond a reasonable doubt” that there has been no indigenous transmission of the disease nationwide for the previous three consecutive years.


  • El Salvador hasn’t had a malaria outbreak since 1996 and has reported no indigenous cases since 2017. In 1990, the country had 9,000 cases per year, a figure that declined to 26 by 2010.


  • WHO credited El Salvador’s sustained domestic funding for malaria prevention, detection, and treatment for the success.




  • The Hurun India Wealth Report, 2020 was released on March 16, 2020. The report identifies a novel household category in India called the ‘New Middle Class’ which accounts for an average savings of Rs 20-lakh per annum.


  • The report highlights that these households have a major allocation towards physical assets like primary residential property and automobiles.


  • As per the report, the total number of such cumulative households in India stands at 633,000.


  • The report further states that there are around 4,12,000 dollar-millionaire households or affluent households across India which are having a net worth of Rs 7 crore.


  • As per the report, the Hurun Rich Listers comprise a wealth of Rs 1,000 crore. This category of the report comprises 3000 number of cumulative households in India.


  • The ‘Indian middle class’ has earnings of over Rs 2.5-lakh per annum while they have a net worth of less than Rs 7 crore. The ‘Indian Middle Class’ category accounts for 56400,000 families in India.


  • The Hurun report classifies two broad segments of the wealthy households in India. The first is the “lower part” which comprises the households having the work compensation income, fixed deposits, real estate and equity investments as the primary source of income.


  • The second segment is the “Upper Part” which comprises inherited wealth, primary business earnings, real estate possessions and an equity investment portfolio as their sources of income.


  • The report highlights that, business-owner whether a billionaire or international ultra-high net worth individual or an affluent individual allocate a major portion of their wealth for their primary business activities.




  • ReNew Power has been named to the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Global Lighthouse Network, which recognises companies using new technologies to achieve environmentally sustainable, community supportive, profitable growth.


  • ReNew Power is an Indian renewable energy company. It has an asset base of over 8 GW, with around 5 GW operational.


  • ReNew Power is one of the two Indian companies to be recognised by the Global Lighthouse Network this year.


  • The WEF Global Lighthouse Network is a group of 69 factories that serve as a platform to develop, replicate, and scale innovations, creating opportunities for cross-company learning and collaboration while setting new benchmarks for the global manufacturing community.


  • World Economic Forum Headquarters: Cologny, Switzerland.
  • World Economic Forum Founder: Klaus Schwab.
  • World Economic Forum Founded: January 1971.




  • The S. Consulate honoured Tamil Nadu-based anti-caste activist and human rights defender Gowsalya Shankar with a nomination for the International Woman of Courage (IWOC) Award.


  • The IWOC Award Certificate of Nomination was handed over to her by S. Consul General in Chennai Judith Ravin at an event ‘Courageous Women Inspire a Better World’ held in the city.


  • Ms Gowsalya was U.S. Mission India’s nominee for the 2021S. Secretary of State’s IWOC Award, which honours women who have demonstrated exceptional courage, strength, and leadership in acting to improve the lives of others.


  • Ms Gowsalya launched the Shankar Social Justice Trust in March 2017 to fight atrocities against caste-based violence.


  • The trust provides psychological, legal and moral support to victims and builds awareness against social discrimination and injustice.




  • Bhavani Devi became the first-ever Indian fencer to qualify for the Olympics. The sabre fencer secured an Olympic spot due to events in the ongoing Fencing World Cup.


  • Hosts Hungary lost in the quarterfinals of the team event, allowing Korea to progress to the semis.


  • Therefore, Bhavani Devi qualifies through the Adjusted Official Ranking (AOR) Method. Currently, she is ranked 45th in the world. In 2017 She won India’s 1st international gold medal in fencing.


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